Like Bill Gates, Kai-Fu Lee is really famous among Chinese and he’s the first name of entrepreneur jumping in my mind when I take this class.

Kai-Fu Lee is a Taiwanese and living in Beijing now, (BUT has immigrated to USA long time ago 🙁 ) What made him famous is his contribution to Microsoft and then Google, rising from a research computer scientist of Carnegie Mellon University to Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Corp. and end as Google’s vice president. Kai-Fu Lee has a very innovative and creative mind, and his college credited him with “helping dramatically to im­prove the quality and range of services that we offer in China, and ensuring that we continue to innovate on the Web for the benefit of users and advertisers. “

But the reason why I have such a deep impression of him is from Weibo(just like twitter in China), where he has more than 30 million followers including me. He likes to post creative ideas and some knowledge of building and managing a company and I benefit a lot from them. He is a writer as well, his book MAKING A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE was once the bestseller. 

But in 2013 he was diagnosed lymph cancer in his 40s. Besides the tough mind he shows, he also talks more about the normal but happy life with his family and the true happiness his lovely daughter gives him. Besides, he also shares many great ideas about how to release work pressure and how to form a healthy lifestyle. He says everyone should care more about family before it’s too late, and a open mind is the key to happiness.

Here’s his weibo if you can read Chinese:P


Kai-Fu Lee will always be my guide in life 🙂



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Exchange student of ITM from Tsinghua univ.,China.

4 Thoughts on “Do You Know Kai-Fu Lee?

  1. Thanks Jiamin for sharing this! It’s interesting and refreshing to read about entrepreneurs from other countries than USA and Sweden. Even though I don’t know Chinese and I haven’t been to China yet, I found it interesting to read his story.

  2. Avatar trangleon on September 16, 2014 at 5:25 pm said:

    I can agree that it is a strong story. I feel that Lee really found the balance between work and private life. Sometimes people work so much, they forget to care about other things, such as their family and friends. Those are the ones who will stand up for you when something unpredictable happens and the story of Lee proves it.

    Lee actually made me thought about Steve Jobs. Successful entrepreneurs and cancer…

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