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During the ME1033 course we are talking a lot about innovation and the businesses we might or might not create. We are mentioning the steps, which could lead us to become a successful entrepreneur. But we had zero thoughts about what happens next. Where do we go? How we proceed?

Let me introduce you to one of the Stockholm business HUBs, Impact HUB: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NswJJBJZQgE

They are always welcome to meet new people and regularly throwing free lectures


So, few words about my experience there:

Short cut about the lecture*:

This workshop covered service as the second most important part to user/customer loyalty, the increased expectations from users, how to serve users on a global base and create a seamless user experience throughout the customer journey.

Few valuable thoughts I got after the lecture:

  1. Businesses are turning their business models to service models. The main path, which companies are using, it is providing service when person needs it. Big and small players, who want to stay up to date with the current times are letting their customers to customize the provided services (Subscriptions based apps, services are good example. You are paying only when you are using them).
  2. It does not matter what and how good are you doing business. Your customers are going to look for more and more. You should be ready to add extra value to your business. (Good example is MindApps yoga app, they providing yoga guidance and also the knowledge base).
  3. If you want to grow, you have to keep in mind, that growing is about interaction. You cant just hire more people and it will work, it won`t.

Moving further, you have read that our customers are going to need more. So, how we can understand, where we are now and where to go? At this point we can use the Customer journey model:

(Useful reading and a source of the picture http://customerthink.com/what_is_customer_experience_a_synopsis/)

From Awareness point to Purchase is mainly marketing and Sales responsibility, but after Purchase, the main journey begins.

If your friend is not happy with a new app or piece of technology and sharing his/her bad experience with you, most probably you will not buy the same thing and vise versa.

Were you prepared to get the feedback from the client? Does your business have service support? Are you accessible to your customer? When your customers need you? Where are your users, I mean literally, in Spain or China or around the globe? What do they need?

All this questions will pop-up the second you will get your first customer. One of the main advices that Johan provided was: How to manage global expansion if you are small? Just don’t go global!

Learn from one market, gain experience and grow your team. Learn your customers’ expectations. Do not lie to your customers, that your support is available 24/7, if it is not.

Keep in mind, that you have always work on your product, listen to your customer. Stay in touch with them.

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