The mandatory submission,

During the course I have learned what necessary step it takes to become an entrepreneur. I have also learned what a few of those who call themselves entrepreneur do on a daily basis. Moreover, I learned what the key concepts that are used in the every day environment in this type of business.

For my personal gain I thought the Game simulation was the most interesting part in the course. It was a intuitive way to form a overall understanding on how to “run” a business. In addition, it was nice to work within a group where the decisions made by the group influenced, and gave an output that in the end was compared to the classmates’ output. However, I thought it was weird that we didn’t get to participate to all the course slides that were presented during the lectures. I also found it weird that alot of the main tasks in order to a achieve a grade in the course was not presented in the course PM.

Other than that it was an inspiring course.

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  1. serdar.temiz serdar.temiz on November 2, 2016 at 12:05 pm said:

    Thanks for the feedback. In order to answer to your questions: 1.All slides were at slideshare and I repeated this many times in the class. Did you check slideshare? 2- are you really sure you read the course compendium which was 13 pages?. Can you please tell me one homework or assignment which is not written there but asked from you. I will correct this mistake-

    • Avatar stefanliss on November 2, 2016 at 2:30 pm said:

      Thanks for the response.
      1. Okay, weird, I went to almost every lecture and this is the first time I hear about Slidershare. I will check it out.
      2. No, I’m not talking about the compendium, I read that after the introduction lecture. However, the information that was included in the compendium wasn’t the same as on Entrepreneurship ME2603 (course-informatioan, found on ‘search pages’ @ Whenever I choose a class I always go to the course information of a course and reads to see if it suits me. The outcome of my expectations was something else for the course (that is not necessarly meant in a bad way).

  2. serdar.temiz serdar.temiz on November 2, 2016 at 7:29 pm said:

    Of course it can not be the “same” because one is only few “web” pages the other one is week by week all details and this is the same for almost every other course across the university courses almost at eveyr university. Are you sure you are not comparing apples and oranges?
    Have you seen these for example:

    Furthermore, it is already listed as below:
    “Final Project/Paper
    Contribution in class/group activities
    Written/oral assignments
    Students will be required to satisfactory complete all of the course assignments in order to receive a passing grade.
    Attendance is required and recommended.” at the course page-

    We do not have anything that does not fit any of above categories. Have we?
    In any case, I think your post is a good reminder for me/us to mention homework/expectations in better way.Thanks

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