Probably most EIT students reading the title of this blogpost knew instantaneously that it had to be me writing it – as I either talk about the importance of diversity in tech or am attending events about diversity/women in tech most of my free time! And even though I am always happy to talk about why I personally believe diversity in tech is important in this blogpost I would instead like to share all the amazing resources available to (international) women in tech in Stockholm: events, meetups and groups I engaged with over the past 10 months. I am hoping this list might be useful for those staying here or coming back later during their studies!


What is it? A meetup organised by Netlight (an IT consulting firm) that is open for beginners as well as professionals. Every event has a different topic ranging from Machine Learning to UX design and participants always have the chance to do some hands on work while eating, drinking and making new friends.
Link: meetup group

Pink Programming Sundays

What is it? As the name suggests it is a series of events that always take place on Sundays and every time hosted by a different tech office in Stockholm. There is always a short technical talk and an intro to the hosting company but for the rest of the day one can either work on their own coding project or help out with others’ file enjoying the food, drinks, productive office space and great company!
Link: facebook group

SUP46 FemTech

What is it? SUP46 is one of the largest co-working spaces in Stockholm and it is also one of the most active tech-event spaces hosting events almost every single night! They also have a series of events called “FemTech” where a panel of female VCs and entrepreneurs share their experiences. In addition startups that have female founders also get the chance to pitch during the event.
Link: SUP46 facebook page, previous event

Women in Tech Conference

What is it? Every year on International Women’s Day (March 8) there is a huge conference hosted for women in tech in Stockholm – and the tickets are completely free! No wonder this year they sold out in less than 10 minutes… The event was a full day of inspiring as well as technical talks accompanied by a small career fair and followed by a reception.
Link: facebook event

Women in Tech (Stockholm)

What is it? Not a physical meetup but a Facebook group with great resources and event suggestions for all women in tech globally, but mostly focused on happenings in the Stockholm area.
Link: facebook group


What is it? A little bit of self promotion here but we actually have our own community for female students at EIT. This year we had several events in Stockholm including an Arduino workshop, 3D modelling workshop, pitching workshop and an afternoon where we invited female entrepreneurs to talk about their experiences. Next year we will have events at other EIT locations as we are hoping to strengthen our community through engaging in educational workshops together.
Link: facebook group

Of course this list is not exhaustive and I am not suggesting to attend all of them all the time – and in addition there are also so many inspiring tech events in the city for all genders. However, I think that as women studying and working in technical fields we can benefit from a strong community and to me personally it was incredible to be part of this inspiring female community in Stockholm!

– Dori Palfi


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