Today i went with Estanislao to Södermalm because i found an event in Facebook called “How to succed”.  It had the same structure as other events i went before speech-speech-speech-free beer, so at the end i had the chance to talk with people about their own ventures and with the event managers. The event was organised by HEY WORK a new startup, they are nice people as i saw so let´s  make some publicity their idea is Turning homes into affordable and social coworking spaces during the day.



Anyway let´s get into the speeches. First Aleksandar Goga from talked about how was his experience building this company who apparently just sold it for 300 million. His speech was about Vision, Goals and work  HARD. Followed by him, Hugo Galvenius from GOOGLE talked about innovation in this top company. He expoused some really interesting software that google is developing for free, emphasizing how useful are those tools for new startups such as: (service and support for new startups) ( search trends around the world) (Conect advertisement with Words)images (machine learning software)


I really recommend to take a look on them.

it was nice to find Anouar there!

Félix Campos.

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44 Thoughts on “Entrepreneur and Innovation in södermalm

  1. Avatar LucieCapelle on October 4, 2017 at 7:13 pm said:

    I have looked at heywork website and it is very nice.

    I like the idea. Often there are coworking spaces in city-centers but not around the city. So several persons living in the subs have to go inside the city, often in a crowded environment to work together.

    And on the website, there are beautiful houses, with enjoyable surronding. I think it is a good way in a calm area, far for the anxiety and the stress.

    But I can only consider it for like once or twice a week, because I think I need to see more people the rest of the time.

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