I decided to make a post a the essence of entrepreneurship, things that we just find awesome! So there are some students from my home university in Delft, the Netherlands, who formed a startup and I believe this is one is seriously taking off. So there their simple idea is this: You go to a festival and have a lot of fun for a weekend an very hung over you start packing on Sunday. The smelly, gross, possibly torn tent you bought for a couple kroners at biltema you just leave behind as you can’t be bothered bringing at back. This situation sketch you can see below if you don’t believe people are doing this. So instead you also could have bought a tent from Kartent. This tent is made from completely recycled cardboard and fits 2 people. It even is rain-resistant for up to 48 hours!

Bildresultat för Glastonbury camping after

I like the idea that you even don’t have to bring it along with you as you can order it in advance with your festival ticket and, depending on the festival, they are in between 30 and 45 euro’s! If you are not as convinced that this is a pretty awesome business idea let the fact’s speak for themselves. They started brainstorming last year and in their pilot season they sold at 10 different festivals, all very big and prestigious. Also Kartent is available in the Netherlands, France, Spain, germany and the UK.

I just want to wish all the best to them and I love what you are doing. Hopefully they keep going and we can expect to sleep in a Kartent the next time you go to a festival here in Sweden.


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3 Thoughts on “Something I can get enthusiastic about!

  1. Avatar Ray Ngeno on September 27, 2016 at 10:05 am said:

    thats really cool .didnt know they exist but will definately look for it next time am going for a festival

  2. They look perfect for a festival, what a great idea.

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