For the last couple of months I have been on the sideline, watched and advised a new start-up called Body-Way is a e-business which at the current time is selling electrical shakers and nutrition supplements focused to a fitness segment.

Their business plan is very simpel; Buy the electric shakers from a Chinese dealer and resell them in the european market with profit. Their revenue streams is only the initial products and accessories.  As simpelt as it sounds, as difficult i think it is. Because how can you difference your value propositions in a highly competitive marked and how do you convince and create the need for your potential customers in order for them to buy your product?

My experiences with the different e-companeys I have been involved in, is that is always surprises me how fast an e-business can take shape and sell gods with relatively few resources and costs.
Bodyway are not producing any of their products themself and their storage is minimal.
They can also forecast the demand very well, because of their B2C business model, do they have controle of their channels, and know exactly when they launch new deals, advertisements, talk to influencers ect. Therefore they can keep their assets at a minimum and taking minimum risks.  Which also mean they can concentrate most of their energy and profit in branding and advertisement. Then the burning question is; How do you brand your e-business?

There is really no clear and one answer to that, because it depends on vast numbers of variables. The guys at “Body-way” make a great use of the “influencers” which, at least to me, is a relative new term. To the people who is not familiar with this expression it means people with huge and powerful online network and impact. It’s usually bloggers, profession instagrammers ect, –  basically someone who have lot’s  of followers. They make a agreement with the influencer that they get the product or some additional money depending on the influencer and in return the gets a video with the person using their product or pictures showing it with a few hashtags and a link with a call to buy it yourself. Another very powerfull advertisement tool is Facebook. If you is advertising though Facebook you can concentrate and narrow down your advertisement only to your potential customer segment. So if your market analyze shows that only people in a certain agegroup who is interested in certain topics and interested in your product – then tour advertisement, branding videos ect is only shown to the people who matches your criteria’s. That i a great advantage compared to a more old-fashioned advertisement in a magasin or similiar, which is more costfull, difficult to keep track of in order to improve.

The guys behind body-way have a similar business called NonFashion with the exact same business plan. Which just show the scalability of the way to drive a business like theirs if you are good enought. And with both BodyWay and NonFashion i think of the expression You can sell sand in the dessert” which i truly believe in and think that everyone should.

Take a look at Bodyways or non fashions instagram/facebook and see for yourself, and remember never to underestimate the power and importance of branding and advertising

Link to their Facebook; and

Link to their Instagram; and

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5 Thoughts on “Something about e-business

  1. Avatar Ray Ngeno on October 2, 2016 at 12:18 pm said:

    how do they evaluate the quality of the goods they buy from china? or they just want to flip any commodity at a profit?

  2. Avatar Frederik Neble on October 2, 2016 at 6:13 pm said:

    In the beginning they contacted different dealers and tested the products they got and chose the best one. Later on the established contact with some dealers, who can live up to their quality standards. As far as i know, it was really a waste of time to buy the cheapest products to various reasons. Both because the customers didn’t want to byt something, which broke or didn’t work properly, also because is the quality of the goods wasn’t high enough, they would spend too much money on refund and shipment and last because they wanted to built a brand, which they can use later on – and the brand they wanted to make had to be combined with quality 🙂

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