So Alycia, ceo of ACE, invited all the team to this event. As you can see on the previous posts, big part of the class went also. So… I will just let here the tips I found about the 3 pitches to avoid saying what the others have already said:

  • Sometimes you know so well your idea, you can´t really explain it.

So this happened most with the second start-up. She was struggling to communicate her idea, because for her it was so easy to say one sentence to understand her start-up. But when I saw the faces of the others, there was confusion in almost all the faces. The communication was bad, so the host said “I think you know so good your idea that for you is easy to understand, but for us is not”. If you are going to explain your idea to an audience, maybe more practice with random persons can help to improve your communication.

  • More simple please

So this happened more with the last speakers, they were talking about so many different things, it was just too many data to understand even the basic concept. For example, I know the third start-up wants to talk about the endless possibilities, but. sometimes less is more.

  • Innovative Business Models 

I have seen this trend in many articles, places, blogs, etc. A need of new ways of managing the companies, so maybe you can satisfy this need.

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  • Chill out!

I don´t know if it´s because I am more emotional for being Latino-American, but for me the first start-up speaker was really aggressive in his answers to the hosts. I think that he was so passionate about his start-up that he felt attacked when the hosts criticized him or the start-up. I think you have to be passionate about your idea, but you have to be able to control yourself and be open to constructive critics.



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