SUP46 and 19@19 networks December Event – Holiday Party

19@19 netWORKs host networking events with the vision to empower people communication, accelerate their entrepreneurial journey but also prepare people for everyday human interactions. This event, the Holiday Party, was co-organised with SUP46 and Stockholm Entrepreneurs and held at December 19.

Faviana Vangelius was the guest at the meet-up. She is a true innovator and entrepreneur and could be described as a pioneer within the field of VR. At only 29 years old, she is the founder and CEO of one of Sweden’s few virtual reality game studios, the newly founded SVRVIVE Studios. About 6 months ago, Faviana got hooked on VR and realised that she wants to work with it somehow. The problem was that, at the time, there weren’t any jobs to apply for or educations to apply to within the field. She saw a need in the market for VR content, and decided to start SVRVIVE Studios. Already today, the company has 13 employees.


Faviana talked about the wide range of possibilities and application areas of VR, from military and medicine to education and gaming. SVRVIVE works with the latter: gaming. They make VR games for premium VR and platforms such as HTC Vive, Oculus and Playstation. Their first game was just released, created and put out in the market in just 6 months. One of the great challenges for SVRVIVE, who strive to be among the first in the market, is to release games to the consumer at a high quality but produced in a high pace. In order to achieve this, they released a free to download demo to test the market, and allow the market to test the game. With this strategy, the company received a lot of valuable feedback directly from their customers.

SVRVIVE as a company operates in an emerging, but still infant market. Many actors are involved in pushing this market, especially the great hardware giants Facebook with Oculus, Playstation with their VR-set and HTC with Vive. This has been the year of the early adopters. Faviana expects the early majority to follow as soon as next year, even though we all know there is often quite a gap between the early adopters and early majority that can be a though period for new and small business to survive. She claims this because of the many actors involved in pushing VR to the public, but also as she expects the cost of the hardware to begin to drop to a more consumer friendly price along with a greater availability of content.

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