We have pledged and tested a kickstarter product! Pressy

The product is the one in the picture, you can the the video for a quick understanding of what the product is.

In a few words it is an aditional physical button for smartphone which can be customized to make diferent actions according to the sequence the user press the button.

As you might know in kickstarter you can pledge the idea woth different amount of money (5$ to support, 17$ to have the product…). We chose the 17$ pledge to have the product so we could test it!

This button idea is really interesting and useful. We’ve tested it and we all think it could be useful for everybody who owns an Android phone.  It is really easy to use and customize. In the beginning the sequence that have to be performed to use distinct functionnality is a bit dificult to make but after a few minutes it becomes natural. Of course it is a gadget we don’t need it, but once you have it it is quite pleasant to use.  Many people miss physical butons this one is all buttons in only one.

Pressy is already a year old project anddevelopers still working and negociating with manufacturers to mass produce it. As 28,818 backers we think that the Presy has a great future.

What about you, will you buy it in a few months?


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