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A while ago we were supposed to sell coffee as an assignment in the course ME 2603. Since it is a course in entrepreneurship we wanted to sell coffee in a little more innovative way!

The business idea – Customers order the coffee and we deliver it!
Our targeted segment was students at KTH. Selling coffee in this way resulted in zero waste since no coffee was made before it had a customer.

The business model was that we offered a delivery service of the coffee to the customers classroom, office etc. We charged the customer a fee for the coffee + a delivery cost and the delivery service is therefore how we made revenue. Payment was made through Swish, and the order had to be made in advance, approx. 30 min beforehand.

We created an Instagram account by the name @coffeeexprkth in order to market our idea. The Instagram account also worked as the channel to order the delivery of coffee. When we were available for delivery we posted a picture with location and timespan along with a telephone number to make the order to.

  • Our service was available from our meeting 2017-09-07 and every day from 08.00 – 17.00.
  • We did not offer discounts. The lowest price we have is 15 SEK, to cover the cost for the coffee and still get a profit.
  • How much money did we make: We sold 7 coffee total during the week, so we earned 35 SEK.

Check our Instagram! @coffeeexprkth

//Michelle, Charlotte, Emelie, Anouar, Karolina, Cecilia



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