This week, i went to a very intersting start-up event and i wanted to share with you my experience and my learnings.

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This event was called “How to succeed” and it was organized by “HeyWork”, a new startup that developed a marketplace that connects people who need somewhere to work with hosts that grants access to their homes during office hours. The founder of HeyWork “Joachim Wernersson” performed the first pitch of the night. He explained how he came up with this idea when he decided to become solo-entrepreneur one year ago and when he was feeling very lonely. Being alone was difficult and there was no social place where he could go , work and meet people.No coworking space was available at an affordable price and he came up with the idea of an airbnb for work during daytime. You can go and check their user-friendly website :

The second pitch was performed by Aleksandar Goga, one of the founder of ServiceFinder( which helps thousands of consumers find the right supplier for anything at anytime. It was motivational and engaging speech. He told us about all the difficulties and challenges he met during his life as an entrepreneur . For example after 3 years of hard work on his startup, he lost all the data because his backup system was not working well. He also said that when you are creating a new startup, every first try you make is often wrong and you have to try again, make mistakes and learn.
He strongly believes that pressure makes diamonds. He had debts, relationship problems, was lying to his relatives, but kept focus on his work and on his dream.
According to him, there are 3 important steps that can always work for anything you want to achieve in your life :
– Have a clear vision vision of what you want to do and start being crazy about it
– Set clear goals : take a piece of paper and a pen and write them down. Don’t forget to update them many times.
– Work harder then ever. Hard work is the key to achieve success.


The third pitch was performed by Hugo Galvenius, an Analytical consultant for Google. His speech was very interesting because he shared with us many tools that Google offers and that can be really useful for people developing a new startup. He showed us how to use the following tools:

–For anyone developing or working in a Startup: (service and support for new startups)

–For insight and analytics, there is Google Trends: (in order to search trends around the world)

–To market your product, you can use Adwords :

–To implement machine learning : Cloud Machine Learning APIs available on

The last pitch was performed by Joachim, the CEO of Heywork and he focused on the importance of having the right people around you. According to him there are 5 important things to take in consideration in order to have the right people around you : Learn, Critique,Benchmark, Momentum, Encourage.
He ended his speech by saying that the low points in a startup are just unbelievably low and that’s why you always have to stay focus on your goals and keep motivated especially during the hardest times.

All these speeches were very interesting and inspiring. I learned a lot and i am looking forward to the next start-up event i will go to.

Thanks for reading.

Anouar Mabrouki

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