I ordered a batch of 50 dipping bowls made of leaf, from Leafymade AB. I don’t know when they will arrive (because no info was given about that), and I could have told the founder to inform the customers when the product will arrive. But each person has a certain level of stress tolerance and I think it would be more productive for him to receive negative feedback in small portions instead of getting a mountain of negative feedback dumped on him. I don’t wanna overload his stress capacity, so I abstained from telling him to put info on when the product arrives.

However, the products are made in India, after all, so there’s a big risk that the product may not arrive within the next 1-2 weeks (the time we have left to finish our tasks at Value Creation course). So I cannot wait until the product arrives, and I decided to give him feedback instead on the web service provided to web customers. Here’s the feedback that I emailed to him:


Hey Suman!

I just ordered a package of dip-bowls made of leaf from you, and I have some feedback to help you improve as a company:

I think your business idea is great in general, especially the fact that you provide a more sustainable alternative to plastic bowls, and the fact that you pay a high salary to the people who produce it. But there are also some things you could improve. For example, I live in Uppsala and I think it’s ridiculous that I have to pay 50kr extra for transport when I could instead just ride my bike to your office in Uppsala and pick them up. If the transportation costs are because you have to ship from India, then I think it would be better if you order a large batch of these natural products and have them in store here in Uppsala, so that the transportation cost per unit will be lower and thus the product more attractive to customers in Uppsala (and Sweden in general).

You could make a local storage anywhere in the world, but the reason I’m emphasizing Uppsala is because you already have an office here and you can maximize the utility of your Uppsala office space by using part of that space as a storage. And another reason for making a storage here in Uppsala is because if you have an office here, then you probably spend a lot more time in Uppsala than elsewhere – and therefore you’ll be making more customers  here in Uppsala than elsewhere (through your social interactions with other people). And when you have more demand here in Uppsala/Sweden, you need to couple that demand with supply in order to make money. 

Good luck with your startup! I hope it will grow and be successful 🙂

Kind regards

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