As the course is about to come to an end I would like to wrap up what I am taking away from this course and what I have learned. After reading some of the blogs listed in the reading list I decided to make it a 10-things-to-learn in an Entrepreneurship course list.

  1. Everybody can be an Entrepreneur: No matter how old you are, no matter how young you are or in what life situation you find yourself in, there is always a way to create, design, develop, invent something new and bring it to market. All you need is a lot of passion, patience and persistency (maybe you could call this the 3P-Model for Entrepreneurship 😉 )
  2. The only thing that is important are your customers. They know what they need, what they want and what they will pay for. So only focus on their feedback and get it as soon and as often as possible. Greetings exam question 12 today…
  3. It is all about socialising: When you want to be an entrepreneur you have to establish a close personal network, talk to people in oder to get new ideas and see what relationships there exist between different fields.
  4. The small things work best: I know this is a good line to be riddiculed for but I will deal with that. When you are an Entrepreneur you have about one minute to capture the attention of a possible investors, customers or co-founders. In these situation always the short, simple statements stick with you, no matter if they are mantras or tag lines.
  5. The world is full of awesome ideas and people. We have met so many awesome People that you can learn from and marvel. Karin Nilsdotter (man I would like to go to space), Gregg Vanourek (Triple Crown was maybe the most memorable guest lecture) and Erich Joachimsthaler (he just knew what he was doing) are just some.
  6. You are just a great team away from success. Maybe the second most important thing after finding and listening to customers is Assembling a great team. Unless you are Steve Jobs you can’t think of everything and do everything on your own. Let someone help you; only make sure it is the right person.
  7. Nothing is godgiven, you can learn everything. You do not have any great ideas? You do not know anything about creating a business?  You are not good at networking? Who cares? Nobody was born perfect. Just make an effort and improve. But I guess that is true for everything in life.
  8. Just do it.  Nike is right. If you have an idea and you feel really passionate about it. Just start and get going. Everything else will fall into place.
  9. You are not on your own. There are so many opportunities, People or companies out there that will help you with the development of your idea , provide office space, provide personal consultation and so much more.
  10.  I guess in the end you just say thank you for the course.

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2 Thoughts on “Lessons learned

  1. Great summary of the course! I totally agree that these are the most important aspects to remember for anyone aiming to be an entrepreneur. One thing I would like to add for people considering entrepreneurship is; don’t wait until you finish university, start NOW! As students, we can get a lot of input from various sources (just because we are students) and we have time to fail a few times even before we graduate. It’s (of course)much better to have a small venture going when you’re graduating than starting from scratch. So, it’s not just important to GET GOING – you should GET GOING NOW!

  2. Avatar yuwzhng on October 15, 2014 at 7:46 pm said:

    awesome post! 😀 what a great summarize of the course! Something that I am trying to live a lot by is the phrse Just do it. I nowadays try to think as little as possible before doing something (not always good at it, but I always try). And I think entrepreneurship is a lot about that: not thinking too much (although sufficiently, I mean you still have to do some initial overall analysis…) about an idea, and then just get on with it.

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