1. Oscar, US citizen. International student of aerospace engineering. I met him by chance, because is a friend’s friend. As he studies another field of engineering I thought that could be a good opportunity to start my feedback report.

I realized that there is a real pain in the use of public transportation. And he gave me another idea, just in case we want to go deeply finding other devices, to use the same technology, keys, necklaces and other common objects could be a good option.

I wouldn’t change my main idea, because the bracelet is more ergonomic BUT, definitely I will use it to expand the business in the future, because we could have “the key which open everything” and implement every magnetic use in the same key/ (necklace).


  1. Hélène, French friend. I met her in the very beginning of my stay in Stockholm, “networking” and socializing in the welcoming activities organized by KTH and BEST.

FEEDBACK:  One of the advantages comparing with the competitors could be that bracelet could be cancelled with your phone in an SL office or machine if you lose it or if it is broken by having an automatically registration on the system when you buy it (with a code number). With this registration, it will be possible safe your credit days and to re-charge it at home.

Although we have been learned that family and friends opinions are partial based (because of the bonds) I think this is a good quality for the product to take into account and to make it more attractive, so I would use it.


  1. Dreamgineering team members. I found them in the Entrepreneur course. We are an international team (each member lives regularly in a different country)

Pointed out that a very well done designed should be done, very ergonomic, different sizes and with the possibility of customize it (as the normal cards).

I would change my idea, from the very basic one (like a mockup) to this more visual and attractive one, because as the target leaves in Sweden, and swedes care a lot about the design, would be a bad idea not offer this possibilities to the customer.


  1. Serdar , Entrepreneurship teacher.

Due to the 1st assignment and meeting (doodle) We got interesting feedback about the customers, and narrow the segment. Actually not all the users of public transport are the ideal target customer. Instead we have realized, discussion between #Dreamgineering members that, we should focus on sporty young people (15-40 years old) because those are more open to technological and application changes and are more used to fitness devices so they can find our product easily attractive.

I would change my idea into a bracelet to open gym doors, maybe in university “hallen’s”, and if it is successful try to make one bracelet to open doors and locks everywhere (also in Public transportation system).


  1. My Klint. We met her when we were visiting Student Inc.

I was talking with the manager about the idea. She seemed interested on it and she asked me to do some basic research: There are similar devices in other cities or countries? There are products with the same applications in other sectors?

So the feedback got wasà Yes. Sadly or hopefully (I don’t know now how I feel) there are other devices in other cities quite similar. A bracelet with a very ergonomic design used as an access device for one gym in San Sebastian, Spain.

I would change my idea, “rubber bracelets to access restricted areas without using uncomfortable cards””, because, as we have read in the course readings, if there are competitors in the market is because the idea is good and there is a real pain and customers willing to buy/use it.

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