Digital health day is an annual conference organised in Stockholm since 2013 focusing on the field of digital health. It focuses on the emerging business opportunities and how they can transform and improve the healthcare system.

digital heath program


Thanks to KTH innovation I was able to obtain a free ticket to the conference at stockholms mässan in Älvsjö. The activities of the conference included European start-ups pitches which was of interest to me. I wanted to hear about how they believe their innovative solutions will improve the health sector.






Faz Bashi a speaker at the event talked about the current investment climate in the health sector. He talked about his organisations Life Science Angles who offers funding to startups because they believe that innovation will transform the health sector.  He mentioned that in the current investment climate it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain early stage venture capital funds . However the  Angle investors play a significant role in early stage financing.

During the event they had a speaker who talked about the challenges facing the European start-ups. The regulations sales and recruitment are some of the key points of his speech.

During the conference I managed to talk to some company representatives. I met Strikersoft sales manager whose company offer solutions to the health sector. He showed me some of their products which included a patient app that reminds and instructs them on how to take their medication. The app had many function including giving feedback to your doctor on the treatment progress.

At the end of the day i had learned alot about Entrenuership in the health sector, the statups that exist, their solutions and some of the challenges they face in the market.





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4 Thoughts on “Digital Health Day (#DHD16)

  1. on September 24, 2016 at 4:29 pm said:

    Interesting post! I find the health(-tech) sector to be quite interesting and it pains me a little bit that I’ve missed this opportunity.
    I have two questions however:
    Did you get to know how long strikesoft have been working on this software?
    Do you know how big of an interest it has been in his app idea?

    Kind regards,

    • Avatar Ray Ngeno on September 26, 2016 at 7:41 am said:

      No he didnt tell me how long but from its looks its very detailed and hence it might have been used for a while now. The sales manager gave me some figure about how many hospitals or doctors are using it but i cant remember exactly the number. It was quite a handful

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