What is Rappi?

Resultado de imagen de rappiRappi is the first app in Mexico that allows you to buy groceries from many supermarkets and even local bakeries. In Mexico its diffusion started just some months before I came here, we had before this type of service with the supermarkets, but it was more the telephone calling system. I will show you some techniques that Rappi had used to gain more popularity.

Techniques of Rappi (The Latin-American way)

Growth Hacking

  • Growth Hacking is a technique that searches to raise the volume of the users, earnings and impact of the company with the minimum of possible resources. Rappi use their costumers as their main way of marketing. latin-americans tend more to trust the advices or the experience of a friend, instead of trying new things seen in an ad. So Rappi focus in the complete satisfaction of the customer. Our guest lecture, that talk about her Spotify experience, has already approach this theme, and how different are the European style vs the American style.Resultado de imagen de rappi

Adding value to their brand

  • Resultado de imagen de rappiRappi is searching constantly in the social media about the popularity of their brand and how the customers react to it. If it is memorable or if the customers really don’t care about the brand and they could actually use the same service but with another brand. In lationamerica they have leading us to a market world, where we start searching for a product and months later we really don’t care about the product, we have developed a fidelity to the brand and we start caring more about the brand. Our love to a brand sometimes reaches such a high level, that we start using the brand name, instead of the name of the product. For example: In Mexico we called the tissue papers “Kleenex”, because it’s the “best” brand. So when you ask in Mexico for a tissue paper, we will ask for a “Kleenex”, never for a “tissue paper”.


  • Rappi didn’t limit to only supermarkets, this start-up searched with many 24/7 stores (like pressbyran), coffee shops, some restaurants and some bakeries. Reaching more market and being able to satisfy different needs of their customers with just one app. Also the design of their catalogue is really cool.Resultado de imagen de rappi

Why this post?

#1 So the main reason of this was to contact Rappi, and give some feedback. A plus, was some suggestions of the european style that I like.

#2 The second reason was that I think someone in the classroom has a similar start-up, he wants to do, so he can use the experience of Rappi and may be even try out some of the Latin-American techniques.

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