The day we had our class at 8.00 a.m. I was the first to arrive, so Serdar and me started to talk about the course. I told him, I am really not into this entrepreneurship thing, that I am just in this course, because my home school is interdisciplinary (that means we have to take a lot of mandatory courses, sometimes even if we don’t like them). Then he remind me about intrapreneurship, in that moment I have already think about it, but it was only like “ok, may be it’s a possibility”, but it was until I went to Product Tank, that I am really into intrapreneurship and I am looking forward to become one.

Image result for product tank

So Tobias’ Blog, has already talk something about Product Tank, then I will just leave you some tips of the product managers that I found valuable:

Be the Visionary

Image result for vision

“Paint a vision of where you want to go”

Delegate Responsibilities

“Aline the people with your vision, get everybody involved”

Identify your Stakeholders

Image result for identify

“They are the decision makers, get to know what is important for them”


“Show the stakeholders how, when, why and where”

Peace Keeper

Image result for peaceMalin Cammack, who had the most years of experience in the group, said that sometimes you have to know when to take a step back and your job of that day will be to create an internal and external peace, to be able to negotiate, solve the pain and keep all together. Also, to control your emotions as well, yeah that doesn’t sound like an easy job.

This event help me a lot, I recommend you the events on SUP46, a great experience form beginning to the end.

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